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There are a few simple additions that can take your foot soak from awesome to pure bliss.  Here are a few key tips to enhance your pedisoak.
1. GO MARBLES. No, we are not talking about going crazy.  Simply add some marbles or healing stones to your pedisoak so you can massage your feet while you soak. They are super relaxing!
2. ADD A BIT OF SPA: Put some chilled cucumber slices over your eyes and relax as you soak your feet. Plus, add a few fresh flowers to your soak for a pretty touch.
3. MUSICAL CHAIRS: You can do two things, either put on your favorite music or you can do a simple search on apps like Spotify. Search: Spa, Classical or Relax for a few soothing soundtracks to help melt away the stress. 
4. SPARK A FIRE: Light up a few candles to add to the ambiance and add to the aromatherapeutic qualities of our soaks. Take some deep breaths to truly reap the benefits of our ingredients. 
5. WINE A BIT: If you are of drinking age, crack open a bottle of your favorite wine and relax.
None of these extras are needed, but are simply extras that can make your smile bigger! You can chose to do just one or all, either way, we want to hear about your experience.

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