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We have another addition to the London's Pedisoaks family, which is our show stopping GET GROUNDED Antioxidant Foot Serum. A serum for your feet? Keep reading...


What is a serum? These pack a power punch for your skin by protecting against the environment and aiding in cellular turnover. Typically you think of your face when it comes to using a serum. A serum is complete magic casting a yummy spell on your skin delivering nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Worth the splurge...right?


We combine several powerhouse ingredients like White tea, Matcha, Ascorbic Acid, Rosemary Leaf and Calendula Suus into a delightful mist. Simply mist our serum onto your feet & calves for light moisturizing with quick absorption. Follow up with one of our nourishing foot butters to truly absorb all of the wonderful benefits.


Why use a serum for your feet? Our feet take a beating with daily wear & tear. Our feet have fatty pads, skin and connective tissue that can use some TLC to keep them youthful as well. Repel the damage of free radicals with the multi-layer level of antioxidants in our antioxidant serum.


Why use teas? There are many different types of antioxidants. Each type of antioxidant functions to help different parts of our bodies like cartenoids, flavonoids, minerals, enzymes. We found that White tea and Matcha were the perfect combination to revive and ground your feet.

Get Grounded works great after showers, as a mid-day pick me up or after soaking your feet with any one of our pedisoaks. Or it is great to freshen up any pedicure focusing on your heels and dry spots. This product is uber moisturizing for your feet.

This product was created with keeping your feet young & healthy. We proud ourselves with using all of our products in our daily lives. With this product, I spray it not only on my feet, but it is great to spray the lower legs after showering to skip the step of having to lotion. Plus, I use it all over my body for quick spritzes of loveliness.


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