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Harassment at a Bitcoin Conference Highlights Problems of ‘Vicious’ Industry Sexism

At Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, an attendee broke Jual Motherboard the code of conduct that started a wave of harassment — Toko Motherboard medan and a renewed discussion about sexism in the crypto industry. 

Samantha Cole

El Salvador’s President Unveils Golden ‘Bitcoin City’ Amid Brutal Crash

President Nayib Bukele unveiled the glittering mock-up, complete with a Bitcoin at the city’s center, as Bitcoin lost half its value.

Scientists Detect the Biggest Extraterrestrial Earthquake Ever

A magnitude 5 “marsquake” was recorded last week on Mars, by far the strongest tremor ever detected off of Earth.

Man Swims Through Ocean Garbage Patch for Months, Finds Amazing Life

Long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte swam straight through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, finding junk, microplastics, and incredible creatures.

Western Governments Accuse Russia of Hacking US Satellite Internet Provider

The hack was launched just one hour before Russia invaded Ukraine, according to the European Union.

Space Has Invisible Walls Created by Mysterious ‘Symmetrons,’ Scientists Propose

Scientists invoke “new physics” to Distributor Motherboard medan explain the weirdly synced-up “satellites” observed around the Milky Way and other nearby galaxies.

Congress to Hold First Open Hearing About UFOs in 50 Years

Two Pentagon officials will testify at a hearing about UFOs next week.

Gravity Anomaly Reveals Ancient City-Sized Lake Hidden Under Antarctic Ice

Lake Snow Eagle is the size of Chicago and may contain important clues for scientists about the past and future of the ice sheet.

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Here’s All the Animals That Escaped From the National Zoo

Pandas lured out with grapes, a roaming bobcat, and a monitor lizard who did not want to lay pipe for a crowd.

A Popular Face Swap App Is Advertising Deepfakes on Porn Sites

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