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Quarterly subscriptions are shipped every three months. You will receive a pedibox to address one of the most common feet frustration. Our three options focus on athletes, expecting mothers and everyday feet. Each pedibox includes an 8oz pedisoak (foot salt, foot soak or foot milk), plus a 4oz item designed to rescue your feet.

Here are the perks of our subscriptions:

  • Receive a box of pure foot bliss that includes an 8oz pedisoak, 4oz superstar product.
  • Exclusive seasonal blends only available to our subscription members.
  • A foot tool to help make your feet happy
  • Excellent product samples of your favorite foot care line.
  • 6 month subscriptions have a flat rate applied in the price.
  • 12 month subscriptions include FREE SHIPPING.

What is a pedisoak? This term refers to our foot salts, foot milk and foot soaks. Our signature products.

What is a superstar product? Any of our products that compliment our pedisoaks such as our foot masque, foot polish, foot serum, foot butter, foot balm or foot massage oil.

Revive everyday feet from common feet frustrations. Examples of common feet frustrations: Dry heels, calluses, dry & rough skin, foot fungus, foot odor, aches & pains.