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For those who are not familiar with this instrument, it is best

described simply as a self-playing piano. The notes to be played

are represented by tiny perforations on interchangeable rolls of

paper, while the player mechanism is powered entirely by suction,

generated by the operation of two foot pedals.

The operator, or ‘pianolist’, achieves dynamic shading of the music

by varying the degree of pressure applied to the foot pedals. In

addition, a set of hand-operated levers mounted just below the front

of the keyboard provide accentuation, tempo control, activation

of the Jasa Roll Plat medan sustain and soft pedals and selection of play and rewind

modes. In the hands of an accomplished operator, a convincingly

lifelike musical performance is achievable.

The player piano enjoyed its peak of popularity between 1900 and

1930, after which time the wireless, which was significantly cheaper

and more versatile, became the main source of home entertainment.

As the vast majority of player pianos are now at least seventy years

old and many are sadly dilapidated, enthusiasts all over the world

are devoting much time and effort to the restoration of these remarkable


The paper music rolls are still available in abundance, both old

and new and almost all musical tastes are catered for. During the

first three decades of the twentieth century, a substantial number

of famous pianists committed their performances to music roll, by

means of Jasa Roll Plat medan special recording pianos. The rolls recorded by George

Gershwin for example are still popular today and although original

examples are now scarce, specialists meet the demand Jasa Roll Plat from collectors

by producing excellent new copies.

A player piano can of course be played by hand in the normal way,

as the piano action and keyboard are entirely conventional. In fact,

it is usually possible to play the keyboard while the roll mechanism

is in operation, should any additional notes or harmonies be desired!

The term ‘Pianola’ was originally a trademark, first used by the

Aeolian Company just over a hundred years ago, but in more recent

times has become a generic reference to the self-playing piano.

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